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some softshoe, maybe some karaoke. >> to be honest, nobody wants to see that. please, say yes. >> good morning, america. we're just six days away from robin's return. there it is right there. great to have elizabeth vargas here. we have a lot of breaking news. >> we do. >> this morning, including that merger, american airlines and u.s. airways announces a massive merger to become the world's biggest airline. it will affect everyone who flies. and we're going to have the latest on the bumpy ride for chuck hagel on capitol hill, as key senators delay the confirmation vote on his nomination of defense secretary. there's been some very heated hears on whether or not to approve him. and jenny mccarthy now defending her cousin, comic melissa mccarthy, and the critic who savaged melissa on his review of "identity thief," speaks out. >> coming down on the worst kind of commentary. >> that's coming up. let's get to that breaking news out of south africa. the double-amputee sprinter,
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oscar pistorius, who captured so many hearts at the london olympics has been charged with murdering his model girlfriend. she was shot four times with his gun in his home. and abc's lama hasan has the latest. good morning, lama. >> good morning to you, george. sporting legend oscar pistorius is making headlines for a very different reason this morning. he's been officially charged with the murder of his girlfriend. police confirms no reports of false entry and no other suspects involved. oscar pistorius was the first-ever double-amputee at the olympics. but this morning, the man known around the world as blade runner, has being charged with but this morning, a different picture of the man known as blade runner, under arrest and charged with his murder of his girlfriend, model girlfriend,
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reeva steencavern, recently appeared on the cover of "fhm," in commercials and was due to appear in a reality tv show. this wint the first time that domestic disturbances were reported in the home. she lived next door and was her friend. >> she was always willing to listen to you. give you advice. it doesn't feel real yet. >> reporter: just yesterday, steencavern tweeted about her excitement for valentine's day. what do you have up your sleeve for your love tomorrow? later, she added, it should be a day of love for everyone. may it be blessed. oscar pistorius will spend tonight in jailened appear in court in pretoria tomorrow
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morning. but south african police say they will oppose any application for bail. this is a stunning development in the life of a national hero. george, back to you. >> lama, thanks. that's a shocker. >> that is a shocker. we're going to turn now to the very latest on that crippled carnival cruise ship, "the triumph," due in port in mobile, alabama, in just hours. the ship's four-day cruise turned into a trip to misery for the more than 4,000 people onboard. abc's matt gutman flew right over the crippled boat. he's been tracking this story all night long and joins us from mobile with the latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. this narrow channel is the home stretch for the "triumph." they're still 60 miles from here. 12 more hours aboard. all the that misery for the
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passengers. eight days and more than a boatload of horror stories later, what those onboard call a vacation from hell, now appears to be ending. have you ever seen anything like that? >> no. >> reporter: this morning, for the first time, a bird's-eye view of the crippled carnival "triumph," as it was towed to port with more than 4,000 still stranded onboard. it's incredible to see how hard that tugboat is fighting to steer the ship. it's 900 feet long. and the tugboat in front is the one pulling it. from above, you can just make out the curious at the rails. the deck chairs turned into beds. what you can't see, the reports of elderly passengers running out of critical heart medicine. others onboard, squabbling over scarce food. passenger ann barlow texted us, no showers. the smell is terrible. we are camping on deck. >> i just need to know that she's okay. >> reporter: we showed the pictures from our flight to mary, whose 12-year-old daughter, rebecca is
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on the "triumph." >> the worst part, was when she said, mommy, i'm afraid i won't ever get to see you again. >> reporter: and this morning, families of those onboard say carnival is adding insult to the injury they already feel. these photos of carnival's owner, now ricochetting across the web. mickey airson, who also owns the miami heat, sitting courtside tuesday. even as the company's president was trying to apologize. >> at carnival, our promise to our guests is to provide great vacation experience. in this particular case, we did not deliver on that promise. >> reporter: it's 40 degrees out here this morning. but with this wind, it feels like it's 29. for those thousands of people who had dressed for a tropical vacation, shorts and flip-flops. >> matt, thank you.
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we just spoke to tammy onboard with that crippled cruise ship. listen. >> people's morale, they get on the intercom and they tell you, we're going to give you a free cruise and $500 and i'm like, $500 won't begin to pay what we have been through. and our toilet sort of exploded all over the place. we have been on the balcony ever since. my hands are trembling. seven ladies camped out next to us, they ran out of their blood pressure medicine and hormone medicine. one mom i spoke to, she was feeding her baby rotten ban that, it's probably not rotten. but it's bruised. they're saying that we're going to go to some sort of buoy and customs will come on. we have a tugboat pushing us
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sideways. stay in line. he's like nose to side. >> george? >> now, we're going to turn to the new revelations in the christopher dorner case. police have formally closed the investigation. and the couple he took hostage in those final hours are now speaking out for the first time. abc's cecilia vega is on the scene at big bear lake with the latest. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: george, good morning. the story this couple tells is a chilling one. they were held for 15 minutes inside one of these homes. they said it felt like 15 hours. but for the couple that crossed christopher dorner's path and survived, this morning there is relief. overnight, the unassuming couple, the 33-year-old former cop held hostage, spoke publicly about their harrowing ordeal. the moment you realized this was christopher dorner, what went through your mind? >> thought we were dead. >> yeah. >> really, it was pretty scary.
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>> reporter: karen and jim reynolds say they came face-to-face with dorner when they went to check on one of their ski lodge cabins around noon tuesday. he was holed up inside. they say he was heavily armed. that he tied their wrists and ankles, even covered their heads with pillowcases. for 15 minutes, they lay on the floor of their cabin terrorized. did at any time he talk to you about why he was doing what he was doing? >> he had said, i just want to clear my name. >> reporter: the couple only managed to break free when dorner fled in their car. the reynolds' story fills in much of what police didn't know about dorner's whereabouts, after he crashed his car and set it ablaze one week ago. the couple believes he could have been in their cabin since at least last friday. >> burn the gas. burn the gas. >> reporter: meantime, police said teargas canisters may have started the fire they believe ultimately engulfed dorner. but not on purpose. >> we did not intentionally burn down that cabin to get
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mr. dorner out. >> reporter: and this morning, we now know the name of dorner's final victim. san bernardino county sheriff's deputy, jeremiah mackay was killed in dorner's last shoot-out with police. the father of two, young children telling the associated press earlier this week, we're hoping this comes to a close without more casualties. and still no positive i.d. on that body pulled from the burned house now two days ago. elizabeth, authorities still waiting for those forensic tests. >> all right, cecilia, thank you so much. now, for more from jim and karen reynolds and their harrowing story at the moments they came face-to-face with the most-wanted man in america. here they are, their incredible story, in their own words. >> he talked to us, trying to calm us down. and saying, very frequently, he would not kill us. >> he made us put our hands behind our back. and he tied our hands. and then made us get up and walk into the back bedroom.
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he had me lay on the floor. lay flat and cross my feet. and he bound my feet with -- >> the plastic. >> and he tied my hands off so they couldn't move. cut off my circulation. once he got us bound, then he went out to the bathroom real quick, which is real close, and came back with a couple of washcloths. stuck one in each of our mouths. >> and he put pillowcases on our heads. >> and he kneeled down beside me and said, don't try to get loose. give me time. i said, oh, yeah, sure. and then, he left. we listened for probably a minute or two to see if -- make sure he was gone. sounded quiet. then, we started struggling trying to get loose. >> he scooted over towards the bedroom door that he had closed. but he couldn't get up. and couldn't reach -- i mean, we were really bound. he couldn't get the doorknob. >> yeah. >> i was able to roll on to my knees and scoot over to the bed and actually get on to my feet.
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and kind of shuffled, to where he was and got the door open. >> what an incredible story. i can see why 15 minutes felt like 15 hours. let's turn, now, to josh elliott, with more on the developing stories overnight. good morning, josh. >> good morning to you both and to all of you. we're going to begin with big news for anyone who flies. american airlines, u.s. airways have just announced their long-awaited merger. a massive $11 billion deal to form now the world's largest airline. so, what does it mean for travelers? abc's lisa stark has some answers. >> reporter: they've been dating for over a year. this morning, a marriage is at hand. it would be a megamerger, combining american's 3,500 daily flights with u.s. airways' 3,000 departures. the new airline would carry more than 130 million passengers a year. >> the merger announcement is a mixed bag for consumers. in the short-term, very little is going to change. >> reporter: that's because it takes more than a year to truly
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merge two airlines. it's a complicated and messy business. and in the long run, the merger reduces competition for passengers, and that could run up fares. >> for the average traveler, a person who travels two or three times by plane, a merger is generally not good news because it's going to impact their wallet. >> reporter: just five years ago, there were six major traditional airlines in the u.s. but then, delta hooked up with northwest. united with continental. if u.s. airways and american get hitched, that leaves just those three, big carriers and low-cost giant, southwest. one thing passengers won't have to worry about is losing their coveted frequent flier miles. and a combined airline allows more chances to wrack up those points. now, this merger still needs approval from the american airlines bankruptcy judge, as well as the department of justice. so, for now, it's business as usual. if you're holding a ticket on american, well, you head to american.
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if you're holding a ticket on u.s. airways, you are leaving on one of their jet planes. josh? >> great work on the story, lisa stark. thank you for it. meanwhile, troubling, new signs this morning that iran may be looking to expand its nuclear program. "the washington post" reports that iranian agents tried to buy tens of thousands of specialized magnets from china, unsuccessfully. the magnets are part of a key component used in making nuclear fuel and weapons. and authorities have uncovered a new drug tunnel beneath the u.s./mexico border. this one in arizona. it's just two feet wide. but it is 68 feet long. agents seized more than 1,200 pounds of marijuana in the discovery. and new evidence that the housing market is, in fact, bouncing back. foreclosures have now dropped to their lowest level since the peak of the housing boom some six years ago, thanks in part to new laws protecting homeowners. and finally, getting knocked out, that is one thing. getting knocked out without a punch being thrown is what
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happened here. former nfl player, ray edwards, the big fella, took the ring in north dakota. his opponent didn't actually show up. some guy from iowa half the size didn't want the show to not go on. so, he decided to jump into the ring. and he did what all of us would do. took a dive worthy of a gold medal. a 2 1/2 pike, perfect entry. 10 from every judge. he may have sought medical attention. i don't know. >> it was the whoosh. >> yeah, the whoosh. the wind power of that punch. the best part about this is the commissioner of the boxing association has now suspended that boxer for taking that guy on. this is just cruel. >> josh, thanks. all right , we're going to turn to an asteroid about to fly by tomorrow.
7:15 am
scientists are watching it very closely. abc's john muller has the story. >> it's the size of texas. >> my god. >> reporter: it's not quite "armageddon." but it is massive, frightening and getting closer by the hour. its name, da-14. and it weighs 130,000 metric tons, more than a cruise ship. if that doesn't impress you, it's half the size of a football field. and it's whizzing through space eight-times faster than a bullet fired from a gun. this animation made by scientists tracking da-14 shows it will come within 17,000 miles of the earth tomorrow. an astronomically close shave, worthy of "star wars." ♪ the hair-raising track has da-14 sliding inside the 22,000 mile orbits of communication satellites. hold on to your smartphones. it's a long shot. but some experts say collision
7:16 am
with a satellite is possible. what's absolutely impossible, a collision with the earth. that's not going to happen. at least not this time. >> we only know about 1% of these objects. there's another 99% of them out there, ready to destroy tokyo, paris, new york, or land in the middle of the pacific ocean. >> reporter: while we won't be blowing up da-14, scientists will study this near-miss closely. someday we will be on track for a direct hit. and superscience will need to save the day. for "good morning america," john muller, abc news, new york. >> just like in the movies. >> yep. >> just like in each and every movie. >> yes. what have you got, sam? >> we're going to show you -- well, we started out with rough weather of late. how about a beautiful picture you sent us from capitola, california. won't you join me at the wall?
7:17 am
this has gorgeous views of monterey bay. it's the best weather on the board. and it looks like an italian villa city. >> it sure does. >> it's just gorgeous. we salute you, capitola, california, and the rest of the great state. great stuff going on. 61 in san francisco. 67 at sacramento. even palm springs at 75. phoenix, you're a couple degrees above normal at 68 degrees. into the northeast, we're actually getting a little bit better. there was a light dusting of snow away from the coastline. big cities didn't get it. we're getting drier air. 46 in philadelphia. we'll say 42 in boston.
7:18 am
>> little cold front drops into florida. but it's beautiful skies across the gulf coast today. we'll have more weather when we come back in a minute. >> thank you, sam. and coming up on "gma," the high school sweetheart murder trial. a star football player accused of slashing his girlfriend to death. his defense is insanity.
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and one cousin defending another. jenny mccarthy lashing out at the film critic who savaged melissa mccarthy in his review of "identity thief." now, the critic reveals why he stands by his review. and it's our biggest valentine's day event ever. this woman is about to be proposed to. does she say yes? you'll find out coming up on "gma." you'll find out coming up on "gma." ♪ just one bite opens a world of delight... ♪
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>> now, from abc7 news, developing news from santa clara where authorities plan to detonate what they describe as a usable bomb this morning. authorities found it yesterday the scene home belonging to 45-year-old everett basham. other explosive materials were discovered and they were detonated tuesday name. enis in police custody accused of making threats to state senator yee of san francisco who will talk about case later this morning. everett basham is a software engineer who worked with apple co-founder wozniak. sue? >> san rafael we have a stall in lane two, southbound 101 at lincoln, the reason for very slow traffic moving from lucas valley road to the parkway. elsewhere, muni, the maginot line was delayed and now back up with no delays and all mass transit is looking good. >> eric? >> when we come back,
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>> now the beautiful picture from mount tamalpais this morning, san francisco is sticking up there so you have an idea of how shallow the fog is and how quickly it will fade away. it is thick in many areas but most of the airports are running on time. always call ahead just in case. temperatures are running in the mid 30's to mid 40's and 47 in san francisco.
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♪ i'm on top of the world look who that is on the cover of "people" magazine. it's our robin roberts. looking so radiant, so beautiful. and telling the world how lucky she feels to be alive. boy, this is such a feature right here. all kinds of great pictures. robin, really opening up. you're all going to hear from her, right here, live, just six days away. robin returns s to "good morni
7:29 am
america." >> what a beautiful picture. >> they all are. >> you can say on that. >> we'll just stare at that face. >> six days. >> amazing beauty, no matter what she goes through. good bones are good bones. >> that's right. >> good morning, rob. we'll see you in six. see you in six. >> there's a great picture of her and her mom in here, by the way. >> lots of great pictures. coming up in this half hour -- we might be spending a lot of time with "people" magazine, if our bride says no. it's our biggest valentine's event ever this morning. this woman right there thinks she's here for a story on over-the-top romantic dates. she's in hair and makeup as we speak. but her boyfriend asked for our help in the ultimate surprise marriage proposal and a flash wedding, live. >> the whole wedding party.
7:30 am
tuxes and bridesmaids dresses. >> she has to say yes to getting married. and yes to getting married in 15 minutes. >> oh, my gosh. >> we cannot contact her? >> please don't. >> they took her cell phone. they basically said, you're a part of this thing we're going to talk about the extreme crazy dates because they had an extreme, crazy date. she thinks all this is going down. apparently, anything could go wrong. and everything can on this broadcast. we don't know if she's going to say yes. >> we don't know. >> and we don't have a show planned if she doesn't. >> you can get a copy. >> we will dramatically read from "people" magazine. >> this is a very brave "gma." >> the whole article for our audience. first, we're going to switch gears because we have a very dramatic trial that's begun with a football star player, charged with murdering his girlfriend when she tried to break off their relationship for good. opening arguments began
7:31 am
wednesday in massachusetts. the defense is making an insanity plea. and that's a tough way to go. abc's linsey davis is here with the latest on this story. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: it was a tearful day for both sides in the courtroom. the defense was considering an insanity defense. and on wednesday, that's how they laid it all out in the opening statement. they say because of a brief psychotic disorder, fujita should not be held responsible for the crime. 20-year-old nathaniel fujita, the man prosecutors describe as a cold-blooded killer, sat in the courtroom wednesday, wiping away tears, as he heard the defense detail his future as a high school athlete, with plans to go to college. plans that ended after prosecutors say he stabbed and strangled his girlfriend, after having a tough time with their breakup. >> the gaping wound, the strangulation. every, single one of those was
7:32 am
inflicted while lauren astley was alive. >> reporter: her grief-stricken mother became overcome with emotion during the opening statement. >> he wasn't able to control what he was doing. >> reporter: the defense admits fujita killed the woman he loved. but said he was suffering a psychotic episode. in court, they pointed jurors to a history of schizophrenia and mental disorders in fujita's family. saying he was battling depression during the murder two years ago, after she broke up with him. he begged her to come back in an e-mail. please give it another shot or we'll both regret it. >> nathaniel tells dr. myers, he felt he was acting outside of his body. >> reporter: but the prosecution says the murder was deliberate and premedicated, as evidenced by his attempts to cover his tracks. hiding bloody clothes. even putting astley's body in a marsh. and they say there was a
7:33 am
suspicious and telling google search found on his computer. >> does water erase fingerprints. i asked when you hear that, not only to think about the implications for what he did. but think about the implications for how his mind was working and what his intentions were. >> reporter: fujita has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder. he also faces assault and battery charges. if convicted, he faces life in prison without parole. elizabeth? >> linsey, thanks so much. for more, let's bring in "gma's" legal analyst, dan abrams. you can make the argument that anybody who commits murder is temporarily insane. >> the insanity defense is always hard. this is even harder because this is what they're calling a single psychotic episode. the insanity defense is easier, to some degree, when you got someone with a real documented history of mental illness, throughout his or her life. here, you have the defense saying, this is someone with a family of people who had some mental illness.
7:34 am
>> does that matter? >> i don't think the jury will find it relevant in this kind of case. >> we know that mental illness can run in families. >> but just to say -- can you imagine that every time someone committed a crime and someone said, there's someone in my family with mental illness. that could be every case in this country. this is a tough defense. but the prosecution has the burden to prove he was not insane. >> but the prosecution does have a lot of evidence, which appears to show that he not only knew what he did was wrong, but he took great lengths to cover it up. even premedication with that google search. >> that's the big problem here. i think the best the defense can hope for, really, in this case, is a second-degree murder conviction. we've seen that in massachusetts before, where there's been cases where people have pled insanity. they've been charged with first-degree murder. they ended up walking away with second-degree murder. i did a bunch of research of past cases in many massachusetts on insanity. most often it doesn't work. but the cases where it does work are so extreme.
7:35 am
a mother who killed her children and things like that. >> the history of postpartum depression. >> long histories, et cetera. this is a very tough defense. >> bottom line, will he have to take the stand? >> i don't think there's a chance he takes the stand. there's no way he takes the stand. to demonstrate -- to show that you're insane. it would just be -- >> there's lots of defendants that do that. >> not often in insanity defenses. you want the doctors to testify. i talked to him. here's my medical opinion. >> okay. dan abrams, thanks for being here this morning. let's check in with sam champion over there at the weather boards. >> we're going to start with doherty county, alabama. you're going to see a sinkhole there. four inches of flooding in this zone yesterday. this is a part of the country that's gotten up to ten inches of rain in the last four days because of a stationary front that's been in that area. the front hasn't been able to move and it's been rain, rain, rain. you're drying today in georgia
7:36 am
and a good part of the southeast. this is not good news for florida, unless you need the rain. and many places in florida do. this rain will cause flooding from orlando to west palm beach. it's two to three and more than three inches of rain in the area. you see that shaded in yellow. a soaking rainfall. started across georgia and start to move south from there. all over the state of florida, in south georgia. cold blast of air comes into the northeast and great lakes for the weekend. it's a great day today in places like new york city and maybe 50 degrees. boston, 42 today. washington, d.c., almost 50 degrees, as well. 54 on friday. watch the cold air move in by saturday into sunday. this is a real drop in your temperatures. quick look at the big board, just so
7:37 am
>> all of today's weather was brought to you by aarp. we'll look next half hour. coming up, jenny mccarthy defending melissa mccarthy, after a critic savaged her movie. and the bride-to-be, we hope. and her prospective groom, we hope, are just steps away from the bridal party. they're hiding in those tents. she has no idea they're all here. ♪ [ male announcer ] a car has a rather small rear-view mirror, so we can occasionally glance back at where we've been. it has an enormous windshield so we can look ahead to where we are going. now is always the time to go forward. and reimagine all the possibilities that lie before us. an ally for real possibilities. aarp. find tools and guidance at
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back, now, 7:42, with jenny mccarthy, speaking out in defense of her cousin, comic melissa mccarthy. family sticks together. jenny defending melissa against savage remarks made by film critics. take a look. >> i can do this all day with you. >> reporter: it is the plus-sized controversy this morning that doesn't seem to be going away. >> she's very, very, very talented. you know that. >> absolutely. >> reporter: late wednesday, jenny mccarthy came to the defense of her cousin, actress melissa mccarthy, after the comedienne's new movie "identity theft," as well as her size, were panned by critic rex reed. >> i don't know the whole story. i know after being in this business for 20 years, it's really crummy you get attacked
7:42 am
in your personal life in general. >> reporter: while melissa has yet to respond, reed has, defending his review on new york's wor radio on wednesday. >> that's what her career is about. she's basing her career on being obnoxious and being overweight. and i don't think that's funny. >> reporter: reed took credit for "identity theft," stealing the weekend box office, earning nearly $30 million, doubling expectations. saying his controversy over criticism of mccarthy was manufactured by the movie studio. >> it got bad reviews from everybody. but i'm the one they chose this time to cash in on to try to sell the picture. >> reporter: but while reed may take issue with mccarthy's on-screen performance, he says he has praise for her real-life character. >> this girl, melissa mccarthy has remained completely silent. and i think that's very classy. >> reporter: reed says, after years of watching friends struggle with weight issues, he
7:43 am
just doesn't find fat jokes funny. >> i don't care how much melissa mccarthy weighs. i mean, you know, she wants to be fat. mark, she is crying all the way to the bank. >> they say sometimes success can be the best revenge. the movie was number one. made over $36 million at the box office. >> i'm a fan. i have to say. i've been a fan of hers for a long time. coming up, everybody, the clock. you hear it? ticking towards our biggest valentine's day special ever. it is a first of its kind. it's a surprise flash wedding. the bride-to-be, completely in the dark. and will she say yes? we sure hope so. >> we do. also, we have a "play of the day" for you. a guy so good on the skateboard, even tony hawk, the best ever, can't believe it. thank you for freezing it. it's unreal. it started with a phone call. she said, "i haven't done my taxes for a few years." what's a few?
7:44 am
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7:48 am
right then. here's "the play of the day." >> so, "the play of the day," sent this to me yesterday. it is unbelievable. this is adam miller, a skateboarder, performing this trick. >> oh. wow. >> watch it in slow motion. that's off one skateboard, somersault flip, down to -- >> another one. >> another skateboard. >> let's ask him. he's joining us, about 1 million youtube hits later, via skype. adam miller from alburnett, iowa. adam, you slow it down -- it gets more incredible when you slow it down. how many times did you attempt this before you got it? >> well, i spent two days trying it at a bigger spot. and then, when it rains in san diego, we decided to go inside and try it there. it only took me about seven tries. >> unreal. we're running out of time. i want to get the greatest ever, tony hawk, who weighed in,
7:49 am
called this amazing. he's joining us right now. tony, i want you to meet adam miller. and i know you have something to say to him. >> i just want to thank you for doing that. and putting it on the youtube channel. it's a great video. we're excited about it. >> thanks, tony. >> tony, real quick, as good as you've seen? >> yeah. that's one of the most unique tricks i've ever seen. i'm excited to be there. i'm in the background, filming on my phone. >> that's phenomenal. adam miller, we can't watch it enough. apparently neither can the internet. 1 million will be 2 million real soon. congratulations. stay safe. only try this at home if you're as good as adam or tony. thanks for joining us this morning. incredible. will she say i do? who knows? we don't know. ♪
7:50 am
7:51 am
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7:54 am
>> now, from abc7 news, good morning, hillside elementary school in san leandro is closed today following a deadly shooting. the alameda county sheriff wants to search the campus for evidence after a man was shot last night at 8:45. he was rushed to the hospital where he died from the injuries.
7:55 am
meet our meteorologist, mike nicco. >> warmer-than-average temperatures, from three degrees warmer to eight degrees warmer with sunshine this afternoon and low-to-mid 60's at coast. there was fog but not much longer 89 warmen than average warmer through saturday. >> happy valentine's. south 17 there is a stall and north 17 at laurel, hopefully they will gone quickly and a new accident median southbound 880, that is slowing things through fremont and union city area. >> now "good morning america"
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
[ cheers and applause ] this morning, "gma" cordially invites you to the biggest valentine's day event, ever. you're about to see a surprise proposal. and before the hour is over, will this couple be married in a live wedding? we've got the dress, the cake, and help from all of her family and friends. just one question -- ♪ i think i want to marry you
7:59 am
>> will she say yes? we'll find out when you do. so, get ready for love, live in "good morning america's" wedding in a flash, right here in times square. ♪ i think i want to marry you i've got the jitters this morning. happy valentine's day. we're going to make morning show history this morning, right here on "gma." >> this couple you're seeing right there. the beautiful blonde in the gray coat. and the man with the beard standing next to her, think they're here for a story on a romantic date. >> she does. >> he knows what's up. in a few minutes, her boyfriend is going to propose. he asked for our help pulling off the biggest romantic surprise ever. her cell phone has been taken away. she has no idea what's going to happen. you're looking live at them in front of our studio at times square. all of her friends and family are hidden in a tent. we're talking, like, 20 feet
8:00 am
away. >> let me get this straight -- he's going to ask her -- he's going to ask her -- >> can you do that one more time with the camera, a look at the tents? >> okay. thank you. >> if you're trying to do the math at home, we now have about a one in ten chance to pull this off today. and that is -- i would argue that might be -- we better -- >> that could go either way. and let's do it right now. and this is a girl who, we know, has sort of fantasized about her wedding day her whole life. >> happy valentine's day. >> oh, gosh. >> no pressure. okay, lots to get to. "girls," one of the hottest shows on television. although, it has sparked a heated debate right now. the latest episode, created a lot of controversy about the idea, perhaps, dating someone who is theoretically out of one's league. i will use the quote marks liberally right there. >> yeah. >> we will be discussing it
8:01 am
today. also, a very special, exclusive interview. can't wait to share this with you. oscar nominee, great guy, hugh jackman, revealing who he really based his "les mis" character on. the greatest man he knows. let's get some news from josh. >> we're going to begin with that shocking news overnight. an olympic hero charged with murder. oscar pistorius, the double-amputee sprinter, known as the blade runner, has been charged with killing his girlfriend, model reeva steenkamp in his native south africa. police say that he shot her four times inside his home there. the circumstances remain unclear. but neighbors say they heard arguing coming from the house just before the shots were fired. we'll have updates as news becomes available. more bad news for those 4200 people on that disabled cruise ship in the gulf of mexico the carnival triumph was expected to arrive in alabama today. we're hearing that the arrival
8:02 am
may be clad until tomorrow morning. they have endured scarce food and no showers. they'll have to be bussed either to louisiana or texas, just for hotel rooms. american airlines and u.s. airways have announced an $11 billion merger to form the world's biggest airline. it will use american's name but keep u.s. air's management. some analysts predict higher ticket prices. others disagree, saying the merger will create more competition for delta and united. we have some new details from the vatican about pope benedict's health. officials have now confirmed the pope struck his head during his recent trip to mexico, leading some to speculate it may have been a factor in his decision to resign. however, the vatican denies it played any role in the pope's decision. new problems for defense secretary chuck ha goal, republicans are expected to filibuster his confirmation hearing tomorrow morning.
8:03 am
they're demanding to know about the president's initial response to the attack in benghazi. and finally, what would you do if you were this guy? a homeless man in kansas city, named billy ray harris looked down in his change cup. he realized a woman had stopped to give him some change. had dropped her diamond engagement ring into his cup. yes. could have pawned it for thousands. gotten away with it. instead, when he saw her again, after hanging on to it, he gave it back. she offered some cash as a thank you, a reward. harris said, nope. doing the right thing, better than any cash reward. it is, in fact, priceless. and i do hope, sarina, you're watching at home. i do hope everybody can capture that, if only for a moment. >> really. >> billy ray harris, bless you. >> fantastic. that is great. we have a little announcement right now. it's normally "pop news" time. but i'm going to take the honors first from lara. >> what? >> we have a special announcement.
8:04 am
the oscars are about ten days away. we found out, now, it's right here in this envelope, who is going to be hosting the pre-oscar show on the red carpet. are you guys ready? let's see. drumroll, please. it starts out, first of all -- very good. our friend, jess cagle. number two, this is great. kristin chenoweth, as well. and number three, look to your right. look to your left. lara spencer. >> hey. >> and now, one more name. this is fantastic. guess who else is going to be on the red carpet? >> does it rhyme with hobben hoberts? >> that is it. robin roberts is going to be there. that's such fantastic news. because, as many of you know, we should tell you this, this has really been robin's goal since she started feeling ill last year. she wanted to come back for the
8:05 am
oscars, to return for the oscars. she's doing it. she will be on the red carpet with lara, jess and kristin chenoweth. what a great show. >> that's great. >> congratulations. >> thank you. thanks. i'm very excited. robin, we have a date. so excited. and, hey, everybody, that's february 24th, 7:00 eastern, 4:00 pacific. now, a couple more "pop news" spots for you. it was a bewitching night in hollywood, at the premiere of "oz: the great and powerful." mila kunis, michelle williams, rachel weisz play the three witches in the film. looking anything but scary. on the yellow brick road, which replaced the usual red carpet. and james franco, who plays the wizard. this is an interesting one. they had him take off in a hot air balloon over hollywood boulevard, before walking the yellow brick road. >> quite a premiere. >> you can see the movie in
8:06 am
theaters, it comes out march 8th. yeah. it does look really, really good. and in the spirit of valentine's day, huffpost have compiled 14 of the most romantic movie lines ever. want to see how well you know your love lines. number one, love means never having to say you're sorry. movie? >> i know this one. >> i do, too. why can't i think of it? >> "love story." george, ding. if you're a bird, i'm a bird. >> "madagascar." >> no. "the notebook." >> "madagascar 2." >> "the notebook." all right. here, i'll do this one in character. you should be kissed and often and by someone who knows how. >> "steel magnolias." >> "gone with the wind." >> that was your rhett butler? >> that was rhett butler? >> that was rhett butler. >> that was -- >> that was his cousin, reba. >> all right.
8:07 am
finally, george, this one's for you. to me, you are perfect. >> wow. >> your favorite movie. "love actually." >> i do love that movie. i forgot the line. >> well, george got -- >> i got one. >> happy valentine's day. that's "pop news." >> i'll have what she's having. >> oh. >> "when harry met sally." >> when you want romance, go to a diner. sam, you better take the weather now. >> i got two tickets to paradise. eddie money. it wasn't a movie. let's get to the boards. i know. i don't know. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning. a lovely live shot of chicago, illinois, this morning. beautiful, beautiful, chicago. little clipper comes through the area, by the way. it moves east, green bay, chicago, milwaukee, travers city, even detroit. most areas will get one to three inches of snow. but near the lakes, eight inches of snow.
8:08 am
that low kind of clips through for a little light coating thursday into friday. this is more of a friday event, what you see on the east coast, new york through philadelphia. how about some beautiful numbers? the west is really showing off with some great skies, from brownsville, texas. i miss you, south texas, i really do. houston, at about 67 degrees. dallas, at about 68 degrees, as well. this is the time of year it's really great to just hang out in the desert southwest. because it's warm there.
8:09 am
>> lara, when doing rhett butler, you kind of have to -- >> are you okay? >> we said -- >> frankly, my dear -- more like that. no. >> not more like that. >> that would be rhett butler, exactly. what's the "morning menu"? >> not that. that's not on the menu. this is on our "morning menu." there's a big debate sparked by one of the hottest shows on tv. why anyone cares if you're dating -- and i use this term loosely, out of your league. plus, steve martin, now a dad for the first time. why so many fathers are waiting until later in life to have kids. and it's our biggest love live ever. will she say yes? we sure hope so. otherwise, we have a lot of show to fill. stay tuned for "good morning america," coming up live in times square. in times square.
8:10 am
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8:14 am
to help make sure everyone's is ready with the know how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at ♪ and we are -- good going. we're going to do a story, now, about something that's called dating up or dating out of your league. it was something that came up very recently on an episode of "girls." lena dunham's character, very celebratory of her disheveled look, dating a very good-looking guy. and a lot of people got worked up about this whether it's a real issue. and it actually is. abc's juju chang has the story. >> reporter: she's hollywood's
8:15 am
unlikely it girl. yet, mismatched clothes and all, some saline in a dunham has captured the voice of the 20-something generation, playing hannah, in the award-winning hbo show, "girls." which she writes and directs. on a show already known for pushing boundaries -- >> unlike you, i'll do almost anything sexually. >> reporter: but what she did stirred controversy, when an unkemped hannah, has a multiday affair with joshua, an older, wealthy, handsome doctor. >> you are very beautiful. >> reporter: but this morning, these mismatched mates on tv, have opened up a real-life debate online. with critics saying, he's out of her league. and calling the tryst between such different-looking and acting characters, implausible. even uncomfortable. while others say, it was charming, even evocative. why are people up in arms?
8:16 am
>> it's unkind. bup it's human nature. >> reporter: social psychologists have long-documented our human tendency to pair off with like attractiveness. when a supermodel is paired with a less-than-supermodel, it sends shock waves. and folks assume the mismatch is made up by money, power or social status. >> it's not just physical. their need is being filled by this person. >> our thanks to juju chang. i did a story on this for "20/20" with real couples who are married. and people come up to them on the street and comment on the asymmetry of the relationship. >> causing a debate. >> it sure is. let's go outside to josh. good morning, elizabeth. we want to say good morning to melissa cohen and brian bundy. we've been appealing to you. we wanted your best over-the-top dating stories for a valentine's day story. we got a lot of good ones.
8:17 am
but maybe not quite this good, like the time that he took her to fiji. two weeks, three weeks after they met. all right? so, we have a valentine's day date in mind. but they might never forget the first one. take a look at the love story. >> melissa and i met on i'm a scuba instructor. try come diving with me. she said, i'm certified. we went for pedicures on our first date. it ended with dinner. i had a trip set up for fiji, a couple of weeks after i met melissa. it's hard to tell someone you really just met, i think it's a great idea for you to come halfway across the world with me, in six or eight weeks. that's kind of where we were at. after a little bit of conversation, a lot of questions, she decided that she wanted to come to fiji with me. and i thought it was the best decision we ever made. i knew after the trip to fiji,
8:18 am
absolutely, she was the one i had to marry. she's so positive about everything. she's always smiling and laughing. just like a glimmer in her eye. it lights up everybody in the room. i'm always on the internet. and i found a link to "good morning america" that said, you got 300 words or less, send us a picture and tell us your story on why we should pick you as the couple that would get married on live television. >> i never heard of this, getting married on national tv. >> this is so her. >> in order for me to marry melissa, i knew i had to ask for her father's permission. >> eni said i would be more than happy for him to marry my daughter. >> melissa, i love you more than anything in the entire world. i think this is going to be a great adventure. the greatest valentine's day gift i could ever give. i love you, melissa. and i can't wait to marry you. [ cheers and applause ] >> will you marry me?
8:19 am
>> yes. >> we have a yes. we have a yes. [ cheers and applause ] >> baby. >> i need you to marry me today. >> right now? >> right now. >> if you wouldn't mind. >> if you wouldn't mind, melissa. all right. you're right. melissa, i'd like to invite you to your own wedding. read it, please. >> "good morning america" requests the honor of your presence, at the marriage of melissa ann cohen and brian bondi. half past 8:00 in the morning, times square, new york. >> i know we can do a good job. i know you got the right guy. will you say yes to an immediate flash wedding right now on "gma"? >> yes. >> yes. >> what's that? music. cue the music. >> and let's have the broadway
8:20 am
dancers help us out. ♪ >> wow. ♪ ladies and gentlemen, we'll introduce the parents of the bride. vicki and mark, come on out, please. we've been hiding them all morning long, just feet away from you. the parents of the groom, kenneth and ann marie are also here. by the way, up next -- there they are. the matron of honor, stacy, and the bridesmaids. and last, but not least, shawn is your groomsman and best man. here everybody is. >> i love the look on melissa's face right now. >> absolutely love it.
8:21 am
>> are you going to do this? really? >> this is great. >> now, this is going to be -- this is just the beginning of your wild ride. i need to separate the two of you for a minute. melissa, we have stuff to do. we have dresses to pick. everybody's here. the family's here. we have to get you ready for the big day that will happen live right here on "gma." are you ready? >> your surprise level is what? we're always worried about it. >> i'm in shock. i'm a little in shock right now. >> were you worried? >> i wasn't until about 7:30 this morning. and then, things started to get kind of crazy for me. before that, it was pretty good. >> all right. >> we've got so much to get to. come on, melissa. we're going to go make this day the most wonderful, beautiful day by picking out gorgeous dresses for you. we have lara spencer inside. we have everything worked out for you.
8:22 am
we'll help you select your cake. we'll help you select your flowers. i know you probably had in your mind that you were going to have to do all the work here. but you don't have to do any work for this because we have it all. i can see you're a little stunned and shocked. >> a little bit. >> come on in. come on in. and here you go. >> oh, my god. >> i'm going to hand you off to the wedding boutique of live love on "gma." >> congratulations. congratulations. i know this is probably a lot for you to take in. no pressure. but you do need something to wear. and so, terry hall is with me right now, from the bridal place to be. and say yes to the dress. we hope you'll say yes to the four that we have chosen. he gathered a lot of information. apparently, you've been posting some pictures, dreaming of your dream wedding on pinterest. >> i have. >> we pulled it down to four styles. terry, tell us about these styles for melissa. and is your maid of honor going to come and help you, maybe? >> come on, beautiful.
8:23 am
>> josh, stacy is with you. we're not going to make you choose it right now. you can go upstairs. you have a whole lot of time, like five minutes. hi, stacy. great job. nice moves out there. >> one point, it's freezing out there. >> it is. >> tell us a little about your choices. >> we pulled very different looks for you. we have a flavor of what you're looking for. this first look, this is the sexy sophisticate. it's showing the body. silk, satin. it's rouched. it has a little pickup on the bottom with insert lace on the bottom. what's interesting about this dress is it has a little microshrug. it's detachable. it looks like a cap sleeve. if you remove it, you can have a strapless dress. we thought we would have a lot of fun with the shoe. >> you're a shoe girl, right?
8:24 am
>> yes. >> these are some options. and again, you can go upstairs. here's another option. there's three other choices right here. this is a little more vavavoom on the bottom. and a gorgeous dress from kleinfeld. speaking of carrie bradshaw, this is the cocktail length. i think terry wanted to push the envelope with that one, right? >> absolutely. we thought we would have a little bit of fun. wanted to think a little out of the box. we tall this the flirtique. we put a fascinator with it for excitement. this is the princess bride. multiple pl multiple layers of tulle. look at the shoes we put here. >> a lot to think about. no pressure. you -- how much time do we have before the wedding? oh, by the way. the cake is coming up. you have to choose that, too. we'll be right back, everybody.
8:25 am
the dress, the cake. and the cake boss. >> now, from abc7 news , good morning, i am kristen sze. the bart board will take a step in a controversial plan to raise fares and parking fees for computer, possibly by 5.2 percent to deal with budget problems that averages to 18 cents a ride starting the new year. it calls for rising fees at busiest parking lots by 50 cents. the board will discuss a proposal during a public hearing
8:26 am
in oakland at 9:00 this morning. see how the commute is going with sue. >> couple of problem spots, southbound 101 an injury accident blocking the right lane. and northbound 880, an accident with a big rig is on the shoulder and slow traffic northbound but no big rigs on 580 at this hour. southbound 80, that is also jammed with an early accident cleared. >> fog is still burning off in some places. we will check
8:27 am
8:28 am
>> we are look, at fog with poor visibility on the north coast getting hit the most bit fog but it is lifting quickly, mid 30's to mid-40's where we are now. temperatures above average this afternoon and tomorrow with mid-60's to near 70. slightly cooler this ♪ will you marry me? >> yes. >> we have a yes. we got a yes. >> melissa did say yes. now, the wedding party, so excited because we're moments away from an actual wedding right here on "good morning america." >> i'm not sure she actually knows it's an actual wedding. >> robin, i'm sorry you're missing this. >> yeah. >> we can't wait for you to come back. just six days away.
8:29 am
>> our wedding in a flash is about to start. our bride who is so game, melissa, is getting ready. she picked out her wedding dress. >> we gave her four. and she is trying them on. >> her walk down the aisle is moments away. there's the groom who is also getting ready. boy, is he gung ho. >> i asked him, were you worried? he said about 7:30. >> we can't have a wedding without a cake. she has a pinterest page because she knew she had found the man of her dreams. she's getting everything ready. buddy valastro, "the cake boss" who did my wedding cake. you looked at her pinterest page and picked out some cakes. >> we looked at her pinterest page. and we picked out there one, like a fabric flow to it. and in front, we have a little hidden scuba diver. scuba is how they met.
8:30 am
>> you are the best, sir. that is dynamite. i love that. >> sometimes brides want to incorporate something for the groom in there. that's what that is there. and we have a cup cake cheetah print. what is vavavoom for valentine's day. >> nothing says wild but cheetah print. they're a fun-loving couple. then, you went elegant. >> the metallic look is really in right now. we did a little bling. little touches of sugar flowers. i think she's going to love any one of them. >> i think she will, too. >> which one do you like? >> this one -- >> that's my favorite, too. >> this looks a lot like the one you did for my wedding, anyway. george, what's coming up? >> we're going to skip way ahead to what comes after the wedding, having kids. it's in the news now. a lot of new dads are getting in the news for their age.
8:31 am
steve martin. alec baldwin about to have his second child at age 54. and abc's diana perez takes a closer look at the phenomenon. >> reporter: for years, steve martin has played america's favorite dad on screen. but now, at the age of 67, the fictional "father of the bride" is taking on the role of dad in real life. sources say, over the holidays, the media-shy martin, and his wife gave birth to a little girl. >> steve martin is very private when it comes to his personal life. so, we didn't know about the baby straight away. >> reporter: the one-time wild and crazy guy of "snl" joins a group of distinguished dads, taking on fatherhood later than life. alec baldwin and his wife announced they were expecting this summer. elton john and his partner,
8:32 am
david fernish, are raising young boys. >> older parents have life experience. >> reporter: on tv, art now appears to be imitating life. >> i am pregnant. >> oh, come on. >> reporter: on abc's "modern family," jay pritchett just became a father. >> i felt like my life was ending. now, you're telling me i get to have a new start with the woman of my dreams. i think i'm going to cry. >> i'm way ahead of you. >> one of the major benefits of having a child when you're much older in life is the fact it can give you a tremendous sense of purpose. >> reporter: as for martin, you might say this isn't his first rodeo. >> howdy, pardner. >> reporter: even if it's just in the movies. >> i hope this is the best dang birthday you've ever had. >> we wish him all kinds of happiness. >> so great. congratulations to the couple. a final check of weather from sam.
8:33 am
>> i haven't settled down from love live yet. >> you've already done it, though. you don't have to do it again. >> but this is a lot. and there's so much going on here that we need to tell you about. in that moment, where he's ready with the ring, here's a little about the ring. robin's brother, the engagement ring store. he picked a one carat cushion center diamond. it's about a carat and a half of diamonds. gorgeous ring. and then, also, you know you have to have a dinner. a party for everybody. so, that is taken care of, too. tonight, dell frisco's double-eagle steak house is hosting dinner for brian and melissa. think about what would have happened if she hasn't said yes. ed there with all of this food and we'd have to invite everybody. fillet, prime rib, oysters on the half shell. really nice menu. >> are we invited? >> i'm in. >> i don't know. but i think we can probably crash it. >> i think we can crash it.
8:34 am
>> it's a "gma" event. how gorgeous is that room? all this is waiting ahead for the day. let's get a quick check of the weather so you know what's happening on your valentine's day. if you're just waking up, it is valentine's day. so, fake it. and then go out and buy a card and flowers and stuff. and come back in and act like you did it yesterday. beautiful pictures out there. and that's if you forgot. valentine, kissee mills, love. just a few of our cities on the forecast. it's a wet one in the state of florida, from south georgia to the tip of the keys. elsewhere in the nation, a little light hit of snow, that kisses its way across the great lakes. that's right, ladies and
8:35 am
>> all that weather was brought to you by de vry. you are in the new "die hard" movie, right? >> right. >> today is the big day. >> we're excited. >> you're huge. you're doing this movie. you were like 1 or 2 years old when the first "die hard" came out. 2 years old. now, you get a chance to work with bruce willis. you came off the film with tom cruise. what's it like to work with bruce willis? >> it's great. bruce is a great guy. a very talented individual. no surprise he's still doing it and so successful. you don't dream of these opportunities. i've been very lucky, very fortunate. >> two giant movies coming out after the tom cruise film. did you just start acting a month ago? how does this happen? no one gets two, big films this
8:36 am
fast. >> i know. it's been a pretty crazy last year and a bit. i don't know. you don't prepare for these sorts of things. but i was spending a bit of time out in l.a., chasing it. auditioning a lot. and things just started to snowball at one point. and i'm making the most of it. >> well, the last one was fantastic. this one looks amazing. we wish you all the luck in the world. come back and hang out at "gma" anytime you want. the film opens today. >> valentine's day. happy valentine's day. >> good date movie. by the way, we have a wedding going on all around. the bride is upstairs. you want to stay for our wedding? >> yeah. >> come on. we're inviting everybody. it's a flash wedding, right here on "gma."
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
back, now, with our countdown to oscar sunday, less than two weeks away. we just had the chance, the lucky chance, to catch up with hugh jackman, nominated for best actor for his role at jean
8:40 am
valjean in "les mis." >> i love the oscars. i loved it as a kid. hosting and i love it. i enjoy it. the great thing about being a nominee, you get a pretty good seat. if i'm up in the mezzanine, there's a very good chance i won't be winning. >> reporter: no mezzanine for hugh, who has been front and center for the part of jean valjean in "les mis." >> sometimes it's hard to get into character. getting to play him is something i'll never forget. >> reporter: he'll also likely never forget the 30-pound weight loss he endured for the role. >> my trainer is a crazy guy. he said, if you don't drink any water, any liquids for 36 hours before the first day of shooting, you're going to lose all this water weight. so, i did that. and lost a lot of weight.
8:41 am
>> reporter: the much talked about live singing the actors did if "les mis," also meant a grueling vocal regimen, for this seasoned vocalist. >> we had music in our ears, with a live pianist playing. it was a bunch of actors going -- they're doing all this crazy stuff. ♪ an eye for an eye >> this was not a party set. even though russell crowe was in the cast. and he did have a few parties. >> reporter: what advice does this former oscar host, now best actor nominee have for seth macfarlane? >> the best advice i got was from steve martin. he said, the first 45 minutes is the best audience you'll ever have in your life because in that room, everybody is way more nervous than you. he says, from that moment on, after 45 minutes, the room is filled with losers, not winners. so, just get to the end. hurry up. nothing you do is going to be
8:42 am
funny. i pretty much took that advice. >> reporter: jackman doesn't miss being tongue-tied, meeting his fellow nominees. >> i declare these people emancipated. >> i blurted out, it's great to meet you. i think brando, in the '50s. then, de niro. and obviously meryl streep. and i think daniel day-lewis, not only are the great actors of their time, but actually changed acting. >> reporter: the oscars are also a celebration of fashion. so, what will he and his wife, deb, be wearing on the big night? >> we're the tom ford couple. and she knows what it is. but of course, she will only unveil it on the day. >> nice try. >> yeah. you have to try. they'll look great. a and hugh said he based his portrayal on his father. great job.
8:43 am
you can see all of the oscars right here, abc news, sunday, february 24th, starting at 7:00 eastern, 4:00 pacific. and coming up -- >> there's a wedding going on. >> there's a wedding happening. and melissa is upstairs. she's so excited. we got word, she has a dress. she's so excited. and in just two minutes, we've got a wedding happening. stay tuned. there he is. >> here we go.
8:44 am
8:45 am
are you ready? we're back. let's go. it's the moment we've all been waiting for. it is our biggest love live event ever because we had a surprise proposal, that's going to turn into a wedding in a flash, with captain arnold, from nautical wedding bells.
8:46 am
he's married thousands of couples. he's going to add to the roles today. we want to check in with the particulars. we're going to start with stacy, the matron of honor. how is our girl doing? >> she's doing amazing. for what just happened to her, it's so her. and for this to happen to that fast, it's incredible. she may have looked shocked. but she is overwhelmed and happy right now. we were all crying in the bathroom. >> in the break, we asked how surprised were you, 1 to 100. it was like, 1,000. so, we have correspondents all over times square. we're going to start with elizabeth, with the proud papa here. mark cohn, not to be confused with my husband. how is your daughter doing? >> i think she's doing good. >> did you have qualms at all? not only a proposal, but a marriage happening live on the air within 30 minutes. >> we did think about it.
8:47 am
but it was something that she would do. and she would want to do. >> you were sure she'd say yes. >> oh, yeah. >> she's a game girl. >> congratulations, dad. >> thank you. >> let's go to lara. >> behind me, melissa, the bride. i just spoke to her. she said, i'm getting married. i think we're ready, guys. >> all right. everybody, please, rise. the moment is upon us. ♪ ♪ >> congratulations.
8:48 am
>> thank you. ♪ ♪ >> you may be seated. bride, melissa, every experience you've ever had, everything you've ever done, everything you've ever learned, has brought to you to this moment in time. as you now stand before these witnesses, to take each other as husband and wife. as you walk hand in hand into the future, cherish each moment as a gift. a gift given to strengthen the bond between you. brian, melissa, i'd like you to lock another each other, hold hands. brian, do you make melissa to be your partner in life. do you promise to walk by her side forever, to love, and encourage her? >> i do.
8:49 am
>> will you share her laughter and her tears, as her partner and best friend? >> i will. >> will you do this now and forever more? >> i will. >> melissa, will you cherish your friendship with brian, and love him today, tomorrow and forever. will you trust and honor him? >> i will. >> will you love him faithfully through the best and the worst? through the difficult and the easy? will you do this now and forever more? >> i will. >> josh, may i have the rings, please? brian, take this ring. place it on melissa's third finger of the left hand. while you're doing that, i want you to look at her. and i want you to say, melissa -- >> melissa, with this ring, i thee wed. >> with this ring, i thee wed. >> now and forever more. >> now and forever more. >> melissa, you put this ring on brian's hand. say with this ring -- >> with this ring. >> i thee wed.
8:50 am
>> i thee wed. >> now and forever more. >> now and forever more. >> i now, with the power and authority vested in me, but most of all, with the power of your love, it's a privilege, a pleasure and an honor, that i pronounce you husband and wife. brian, you may kiss your bride for as long as you want. [ applause ] >> everybody, mr. and mrs. brian bondy. congratulations. coming up, wedding cake as newlyweds. stay with us.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
okay. ♪ get a fork? >> the cake is cut. >> jump in, huh?
8:54 am
>> oh. that is a beautiful moment. >> cheers, everyone. congratulations. >> melissa, how are you feeling? >> this is awesome. >> how about we dance off? >> have to do a dance, right? >> did you choose a song for the first dance? >> yeah. brian mcknight. >> that's it right now? >> yeah. >> all right. let's have the first dance of the lovely couple. >> thanks, everybody. see you tomorrow. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad
8:55 am
makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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8:57 am
to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> now, from abc7 news, good morning, i am kristen sze. hillside elementary school in san leandro is closed after a deadly shooting. the alameda county sheriff wants to search the campus for evidence after a young man was shot last night and rushed to the hospital where he died from the injuries. >> still very foggy but it is lifting. >> it is lifting but around the central bay we holding instead
8:58 am
did you by it will be gone in an hour. three to eight degrees warmer than usual, so inland, low-to-mid 60's the scene coast and as warm tomorrow. sue? >> we go to san rafael, southbound 101, at north san pedro road an accident on the shoulder of the traffic is improving, though. san jose, north 17 at 280 jammed, and, also, northbound 87, as well. announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, from the new film "good day to die hard," actor bruce willis. and funny lady molly shannon. plus, bizarre aphrodesiacs to get you in the mood for valentine's day. all next on the emmy award winning "live."
8:59 am
[captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan. [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause] kelly: thank you so much. hi everybody! happy valentine's day. it is still fashion week, not just valentine's day. today i am just valentine's day. today i am [cheers and applause]

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